This is how you can Communicate more Effectively and Unlock Potential Business Opportunities with new Clients or Partners

It is not a Mystery Anymore!

Over the years, I have seen too many business opportunities lead to NO RESULTS due to the difficulties in the cultural or communication understanding between the people and companies involved in these opportunities.  

So how can you overcome some of these challenges in communicating and negotiating with people with a different mindset, culture, or work experiences?

Copy, Personalize, and Use these 7 Email Templates

In a professional business environment, people are more likely to respond to your initial contact if you write to them in a formal manner, and in a world that requires communication to be even more online now, this is a differentiator in the market.  

By contacting new clients or partners through email or a message via a social media platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), most businesspeople will respond to you based on how and what you write to them in this first communication approach and how you maintain the business relationship.

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I teach businesspeople and other professionals to improve their communication effectiveness with new clients and partners by presenting practical material and real-life examples that I use in my business so that they can feel more confident and comfortable with their communication efforts in an increasingly online world.

With 21 years working on international projects and business opportunities all over the world, all the resources I develop and share with you are based on my experiences working with people and companies of diverse cultures, mentalities, and skills.


This will help you avoid the mistakes I’ve made already and only focus on what has led to results. 

The 7 Email Templates will highlight some of the more common communication interactions you may have with new clients and partners.  These include:

-  How to Introduce Yourself to a New Contact When Asking for a Call with Them
-  How to Ask for Information About a Product or Service
-  How to Reply When Not Interested in Doing Business with Another Company

-  How to Recommend Someone you Know to a Client or Another Company
-  How to Ask for a Proposal for a New Business Opportunity from Another Company
-  How to Present a Proposal for a New Business Opportunity with Another Company
-  How to Send a More Effective Message via LinkedIn Email

“Rafael has a unique ability to connect with people, to motivate and get the best out of them. It is very clear that he builds relationships based on trust and nurtures them by constantly adding value, not expecting anything in return.”     

- Diana N.

In this document, you will have access to 7 email templates I use in my business that will provide you with clarity and increase the probability of receiving a better response rate from the potential new clients and partners you interact with.  

All you have to do is COPY, PERSONALIZE, and USE these emails for your business communication objectives.

I have lived in 10 countries, traveled the world, and worked on international projects and business opportunities with people and companies of diverse cultures, mentalities, and experiences in more than 70 countries.  

I am confident that I can share with you all the knowledge and skills I acquired over the years so that you can succeed in your business goals as well!

Don’t lose any more time waiting to receive answers from prospective national and international clients or partners you want to do business with. Communicate clearly with them from Day 1.

Access These Email Templates Today!

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To work with people who are serious and who will more likely respond to your request for a meeting or follow up to your requests:

  • You need to be very effective in your communication approach
  • It is important to identify and use relevant choices of words
  • Be very objective and concise in your message and request

These email templates provide you with a clear structure to copy, personalize your messages, and use in the communication for your business.

Do you have great products or services to offer in your company but have challenges in presenting these opportunities and receiving responses from potential new clients or contacts?

In comparison to other “templates” that may exist for you to purchase or copy, this set of 7 email templates are exclusively based on proven results from 21 years of experience working with international clients and partners around the world.

Overcome the frustrations when you don’t receive responses to emails regarding new business opportunities and become recognized as a reliable business partner that new contacts can trust and want to work with.

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