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Cross-Cultural Communication

Given the challenges of interaction between professionals from different cultures and countries, Occasio offers Cross-Cultural Communication services for professionals and companies.  This will help improve the cultural understanding, communication skills, and collaboration between the professionals involved in projects and business opportunities together.

Free Resources:
Newsletter on LinkedIn about Cross-Cultural Communication
YouTube Channel about Cross-Cultural Communication

Collaborating with strategic partners, Occasio provides the following services:

  • Training for Business English and Cultural Understanding
  • Develop Company's Pitch
  • Improve Presentations and Corporate Materials
  • Translation of Documents

Occasio Mastermind Group - Improve your Business English communication skills and gain confidence in international business environments through role playing and real-life simulations and collaboration with like-minded professionals.

* We offer these services in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

We are thankful for all that we have learned from each of these partners and clients, and for the opportunity to have collaborated on several important projects together.

I had the pleasure to work with Rafael back in Washington, D.C., and today again I am lucky enough to partner with him in international projects that both of our companies are engaged in.  He is a trustworthy, very inclusive and collaborative leader and well-determined to get business done.

Fernanda Alem Freitas
Lawyer, Leader Coach & Mentor,
Brain U Coaching

I met Rafa back in 2005 when we worked together at the Young Americas Business Trust.  He rapidly became a mentor and example of how to go about in life and business.  His energy and passion in the projects he gets involved is amazing. It seems that his mission is to meet and connect people to make extraordinary things happen.

Eduardo Molina 
Ex-VP of Growth, Latin America,

I have had the pleasure to work with Rafael. He is an extremely passionate, devoted, organized professional. He is a great team leader, networker and gets things done! We worked together for 2 years and Rafael goes above and beyond his work.

Mehreen Sheikh 
Climate Change Communications,
World Bank Group 

Rafael is a high-level international professional I had the pleasure of working with in the Dominican Republic. Passionate and reliable, Rafael goes the extra mile to get the job done. He is a joy to work with and always has the best positive attitude, even in the most boring or most challenging work situations.

Diana Zuluaga 
Founder and CEO,
Instituto de Negocios Digitales

These testimonials, in its original language, were copied directly from the LinkedIn page of the 
Managing Director of Occasio, Mr. Rafael Pinto.