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  • Do you lack practice in speaking business English, or fear making mistakes when communicating with professionals from other countries?
  • Do you feel frustrated because you do not know the right words or expressions to use when working with international colleagues, clients, or partners?
  • Do you feel you could get a promotion at work, or a higher salary, if you knew how to communicate better in English?  

When I meet and work with new clients or partners, I am excited to learn about the products and services they can offer to the market. They are very creative and motivated to share all their knowledge and experiences with the world!  But when many of them begin presenting themselves, or their products or services to new contacts or potential buyers, I identify a huge obstacle they face. 

They cannot communicate clearly, either through their pitch, when they are negotiating, or even in the initial conversation with these new business contacts.  To help minimize this anxiety that exists when presenting themselves, and based on my 21 years of experience working in a professional international environment, I am convinced that one of the most effective ways of training these professionals to improve their presentation, negotiation, and communication skills is by role-playing.

Role-Playing can help reduce communication barriers and the fear of failure, and build up confidence and collaboration.

In order to provide practical solutions to improve training in communications and business English, with a focus on real-life role-playing and simulations and continual feedback and evaluation, we have created the Occasio Mastermind Group.  In these small and personalized working groups, you engage in practical, real-life scenarios that reflect the challenges you encounter daily or will encounter in the future as a professional working with colleagues or clients.

You might think - Why invest in yet another Mastermind Group?

This is why …                

         A.  To have access to and work with someone who can shorten your learning curve is the fastest way to accelerate your results.            

         B.  The best leaders always invest in themselves first.

         C.  Learning requires a lot of repetition and practice.

To avoid many of the mistakes I have made in the past 21 years, and having worked with hundreds of colleagues, business partners, and clients from around the world, during the sessions of this Mastermind I will share with you the best practices and lessons I have learned in communications so that you can accelerate your professional growth and results.

The Occasio Mastermind Groups consist of a maximum of six participants, promoting ample time for dialogue, collective learning, and personalized support for each member.  Gain insights into cross-cultural dynamics and effective communication strategies to navigate the ever-expanding globalized world of business.

  • Format: Online meetings via Zoom, enabling you to participate from anywhere.  Materials and practical exercises may be presented in-between sessions.
  • Duration: Two sessions per week, each lasting 1.5 hours.  Each group lasts for one month (4 weeks), with the possibility of continuing if interested.  Benefit from 12 intensive hours of learning and practice.

Through role-playing exercises and simulations, professionals practice communicating with colleagues or clients from different cultural backgrounds. This hands-on experience allows them to apply their cross-cultural communication knowledge in a safe and private environment.

Through feedback and evaluation in these small groups, professionals identify areas for improvement with the inputs received within the group as well.

Join an Occasio Mastermind Group to improve your business English communication skills, build confidence, and understand how to react to diverse cultural situations and behavioral norms in the global business arena.

For more information, or to secure your participation, write to contact@occasioias.com.

We are thankful for all that we have learned from each of these partners and clients, and for the opportunity to have collaborated on several important projects together.

Rafael is probably the friendliest, most helpful international business consultant that I have met. He truly cares about your success, and is resourceful in enabling you to achieve your objectives.  He is warm, intelligent, resourceful, and truly a pleasure to work with.

Sara Haq

Fintech Consultant,
SH International LLC 

Rafael es un profesional extraordinario y es un gran ser humano. Es un líder por naturaleza y tiene una energía positiva y contagiosa. Es un placer trabajar con él.  Siempre le ha apasionado lo que hace y él se asegurará de que todos sus clientes tengan una experiencia gratificante. Su éxito es el éxito de todos!  

Vanessa Cappuccio-Parreco

Human Resources Officer,

Organization of American States

His open mindset and multicultural perspective is invaluable, and he is extremely professional and reliable. He is also very emotionally intelligent and has strong ethics and values, and he has great capacity to build and sustain long-standing strong relationships both on the personal and professional front.

Jessica de la Morena

Founder & CEO,

Creating the Unimaginable & U Are The Hero

Rafael is an exceptional communicator and has made multiple introductions of substantial benefit to my company.  He is personable, adaptable, and fun to work with. Along with empathy, and connectedness in all of my interactions with him, he has exhibited outstanding consideration of my business position and requirements.  

George Hoffman


Network Immunology 

These testimonials, in its original language, were copied directly from the LinkedIn page of the 
Managing Director of Occasio, Mr. Rafael Pinto.  

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want" - Zig Ziglar