Occasio Mastermind Group - International Business and Trade

Occasio Mastermind Group

Are you ready to transform your professional communication skills and thrive in an international business environment?

Look no further than the Occasio Mastermind Group, where we empower professionals and businesspeople to excel in interactions with foreign clients and partners.  

We understand the challenges you face when conducting business in English because we have 21 years of experience working (and still working) in a professional international environment. We have therefore created the Occasio Mastermind Group to focus on solutions that can help professionals overcome some of the common obstacles when working globally.   

Some of these solutions include:

1. Build Confidence:
Gain the confidence and proficiency to express yourself effectively in professional English within a business setting.

2. Cultural Understanding:
Navigate diverse cultural communication situations and behavioral norms with more ease and certainty.

3. Master Business English:
Learn essential key words and phrases used in formal business communications to enhance your professional image and credibility.

What to expect in the Occasio Mastermind Group?

Real-Life Simulations:
Prepare yourself for the demands of professional communication through practical, real-life scenarios that reflect the challenges you encounter daily or will encounter in the future.

Practice in Live Sessions:
Engage in dynamic, interactive sessions where you'll actively apply your skills, ensuring your growth is complemented by practicing a lot in the group.  

Learn from a Diverse Network:
Benefit from the collective wisdom of like-minded professionals in the group. With their diverse backgrounds and valuable experiences, you'll receive invaluable feedback and broaden your perspective.

The Occasio Mastermind Groups consist of a maximum of six participants, promoting collaboration, collective learning, and personalized support for each member.

Gain insights into cross-cultural dynamics and effective communication strategies to navigate the ever-expanding globalized world of business.  This is applicable for both virtual and in-person global interactions.

  • Format:
    Convenient online meetings via Zoom, enabling you to participate from anywhere.  
    Materials and practical exercises may be presented in-between meetings. 
  • Duration:
    Two sessions per week, each lasting 1.5 hours.  Benefit from 12 intensive hours of targeted learning and practice per month. 
    Each group lasts for one month in total, with the possibility of continuing if you want. 

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your English communication skills, build confidence, and unlock your full potential in the global business arena.

Join the Occasio Mastermind Group today and seize your competitive advantage! 
For more information, or to secure your participation, write to contact@occasioias.com.

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want" - Zig Ziglar