Personalized Online Business Coaching

From Offline to Online! 

Why not transform the knowledge, skills, and experiences you have accumulated throughout

your career into a Global

Online Business?

From Offline to Online! 

Why not transform the knowledge, skills, and experiences you have accumulated throughout

your career into a Global

Online Business?

Rafael Pinto
Online Business Coach

*Certified by the Instituto de Negocios Digitales

At the beginning, I was anxious and uncertain about starting an online business. I lead an ongoing “traditional” (offline) international company that offers training programs, supports entrepreneurship projects, and promotes international business opportunities.  And now to think about creating an online business?

I thought: 

  • Could I launch a digital (online) product or service while working with the other projects in my company?
  • Would it really have the financial results and positive impact that I seek as an entrepreneur?
  • Would this help me support and serve other entrepreneurs?
  • Is this going to work?  

All I can say is - YES, It was all worth it!

The timing couldn't be better to start your online business TODAY! The world is becoming increasingly digitized, with more consumers connected online to study and acquire new knowledge and skills. This is already a trend that is increasing in the market, as highlighted in this research on the online learning market size published in 2021:

 - "By 2026, the global online learning market should be worth $375 billion."
 - "While there is no denying that the online learning market has grown quite a bit, it is impressive to note the sheer size of this industry.  
     It is just as interesting to appreciate how much more this market can grow in the span of several years."
 - "This is a national and global movement, with [the] US continuing to lead the way."

Now, as an online business coach, I am ready to serve you and teach you on how powerful it is to create digital products and services based on your knowledge, work experience, and/or talent.  You will have clarity, fun, and confidence in creating your own online business.

With the skills, knowledge, or contacts you have today, you can already develop the digital products and services that the market needs!

Are you a professional that has made mistakes and learned from success through your work experiences, which led to developing new skills and acquiring knowledge throughout your career?  Why not share your insights and teach others what you already know?

Alejandra L.

CCO & Co-Founder, Charly.IO

"Rafael is an excellent professional and human being. I could see in him his ability to connect people and his passion for working and empowering entrepreneurs."

  • Want to better understand what content to include as a product or service in your online business?

  • Want to know how to find clients?

  • Need a more organized plan to bring your ideas to life and put them into action?

  • Do you have experience working in more traditional businesses (offline), but you don't know how to transform them into an online format?

  • Would more personalized follow-up help you to finally launch your online business?

Through a call together, I can explain how personalized business coaching works with me to help you develop and launch your online business.



Structuring a plan that allows you to organize and implement the necessary steps to launch your business.


Identify what knowledge and skills you have and how we can develop a digital product or service.


Use of appropriate online systems and platforms to help promote your business and effectively reach your customer segment.

I am Rafael Pinto.  I have lived in 10 countries; traveled the world; and worked with people and companies of diverse cultures, mindsets, and experiences.

I am certified as an online business coach and can work at a professional level in English, Portuguese, and Spanish with clients located around the world

As Managing Director of the company Occasio International Advisory Services (Occasio), which is located in Brazil, I implement innovative training projects for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises companies. I also offer business services for companies looking to enter new markets.

Additionally, I am a strategic advisor for various international organizations, as well as a mentor to many startups, entrepreneurs, and business initiatives. With 22 years of experience working with entrepreneurs, I always seek to contribute to the development and success of the entrepreneurs' businesses.

I am confident that I can help you with the vision and implementation of your digital business. Count on me to support you on this journey!

Through a personalized business coaching program, I can guide you to gain confidence in the process of growing your business online with a tailor-made action plan focused on results.

We will transform your existing knowledge and skills into digital products or services, even if you don't have much experience using online tools and platforms.

Let's work together to develop your online business!

Unlike many other business coaches who have not worked in the international business world,   
I can offer a practical experience and a global vision for your business.

We will meet "live" online for 8 sessions, each of which will be 2 hours long, over a period of 6 weeks.

We will use practical materials to implement directly in your online business.  I will provide constant feedback and follow-up throughout the business coaching.

My work as a business coach aims to:

  • Analyze the target market for your digital products or services
  • Identify your customer segments to better serve them with your digital products or services
  • Define your Minimum Viable Operation, so that you acquire confidence and first sales
  • Plan sales goals for a period of 6 months onwards
  • Establish an automated funnel system for follow-up emails with leads and buyers
  • Create the foundations for the ecosystems of digital products or services that you will develop for your online business


At the end of the Online Business Coach program, I will invite other business leaders from my network of contacts to hear the proposal about your online business. They will be able to share their feedback, recommendations, or new ideas for your business. This would be an additional mentoring for FREE that we are offering!

Edgar M.

Director of Programs for Latin America, Young Americas Business Trust

He is a mentor, great speaker, role model, and inspiration for many entrepreneurs and for whom we have had the opportunity to work with him during all these years. Proactive, persistent, and focused.

Fernanda A.

Law Specialist, e-learning Instructor, Writer, Leadership Coach-Mentor

I also recommend Rafael as an outstanding multicultural entrepreneur, easy to work with, and ready to make a difference.

Mehreen S.

Communications Specialist,
The World Bank Group

I have had the pleasure of working with Rafael. He is an extremely passionate, dedicated, and organized professional. He is a great team leader, excellent at networking, and makes things happen!

I only work with a few clients per month, so take advantage of this opportunity!

Complete the form to schedule a call and answer your questions about online businesses.

Rafael Pinto Online Business Coach promoting his personalized course.

If at this moment you feel confused, not knowing how to take the first step to open your online business, what kind of technological tools to use, and what are the implementation costs, my work as an online business coach will give you the CONFIDENCE, PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATION, and KNOWLEDGE about how to create an ecosystem of digital products or services and obtain RESULTS.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I submit questions and follow up during the business coaching?

    We will have live sessions to answer and follow up on your questions and maintain communication. You can also send your questions by email. I will respond from Monday to Friday during work hours. 

    The contact email is: contact@occasioias.com
  2. Is it necessary to fill out the form to talk to you about the details of the business coaching program, or can I send you an email directly?

    It is necessary to fill out the form and I will then contact you to coordinate the details of the call.  In the case of sending an email, I will respond by sending the link of the form to fill it out first, before a call.

  3. What knowledge or experience with technology do I need to launch a successful online business?

    You don't need to be a technology expert to launch an online business.  In the business coaching process, I will support you with suggestions and guidance on different tools and platforms available to use in launching and implementing your business.  If I have learned it to launch my own online business, and I am not a technology expert, other people can learn it too.

  4. I have been working in the traditional business world (offline) for several years and I want to start my online business. How do I start?  

    In the business coaching program, based on your existing experience and knowledge, I will help identify what we can use to develop a first digital product or service.  At the same time, creating your first ecosystem of products in this chosen area. I myself have been working with traditional businesses for many years and have managed to transform my experiences into something that I can package into a digital product and service.

  5. Compared to traditional (offline) businesses, what are some of the benefits of an online business?

    As a result of the global situation now, in terms of the pandemic and post-pandemic, there has been a growing trend of people who seek to increase their knowledge and to pursue new learning alternatives through online programs.  Going online, you can also sell to clients all over the world a lot quicker.    

    With the world going through a very rapid digital transformation, there are more professionals who want to learn new soft skills, because these are the skills that will be the most difficult, or will take the longest, to be automated. There is a huge opportunity to deliver skill-specific content in the business world, for example.   

  6. Do I have to meet a specific professional profile to access the business coaching?

    We believe that any professional that has some years of experience working in their field already can definitely share their knowledge and skills to serve others.  I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of entrepreneurs for many years, from all types of sectors and experiences in their businesses. I am open to learn more about your experiences and goals to open an online business, and then I will understand better if I can help in the most appropriate manner, and to achieve the desired success of your business. 

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