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All the products and services presented on the website, www.occasioias.com, are offered by the company "Occasio International Advisory Services,” as a brand name presented by the company OCCASIO CONSULTORIA E SERVIÇOS LTDA, owned by Rafael Pinto, registered in Brazil.

We work closely with several other individuals and companies in order to implement the different products and services presented on the website.  We are transparent in presenting the expectations of these products and services when initiating a new program or business opportunity with a new client, and at the same time, we are also very clear that success will depend on how the client uses the information and training received by our company, and how they implement it in their own businesses.

Information that is presented and shared in this website, www.occasioias.com, through our products, trainings, articles, podcasts, ebooks, social media posts, videos, events, and conferences, do not replace or substitute for the professional services of experts in financial, accounting, or legal advice.

Not one person involved in the creation and distribution of the content presented in this website, www.occasioias.com, can be held responsible for the interpretation of its use, nor for direct and indirect damages.  Each individual is responsible for their decisions, actions, and results in their lives. By using this website, www.occasioias.com, each individual agrees that we are not responsible or subject to any interpretation of our content.

Each individual can unsubscribe to any of our emails, at any given time, if they do not want to receive any further information about our programs or company.  When we request data from visitors to our website, www.occasioias.com, we will only use your name and email to share information and content that we produce in the form of: blog posts, articles, ebooks, podcasts, social network publications, videos, events, and conferences.  We will also present promotion and sale of our programs, products, events, trainings, and other services.

Our company OCCASIO CONSULTORIA E SERVIÇOS LTDA, owner of the website www.occasioias.com, reserves the right to change the terms of this Terms and Conditions at any time.

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about our Terms and Conditions, or how we handle your personal data, you may contact us by email at contact@occasioias.com.

Last update date: July 11, 2024

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